Jenneßen’s bodies of colorconstitute
extraordinary entities, which are in a constant flux of nascence
and emergence. Indeed, involved in a never-ending, open process,
they challenge the viewers’ perception in entirely new ways.
Are real forms to be found here or are we merely reminded of
something, which we deemed to know? This ambiguity
incorporates deviations and the element of surprise, and attempts
to capture these in the pictorial composition. By channeling his
sources into digital processes and by deliberately disrupting or
giving free rein to the procedure, the artist subverts concepts of the
predictable. The original elements of the images are so strongly
modified that details and figurative associations are only revealed
to the viewer upon closer examination. Thus, for example,
in Barcelona the photographed facial portrait is transformed and
thereby alienated to such an extent that only the sparkling reflection
of light upon the lens of a pair of glasses evokes memories of the city.

With the objective of addressing problems of our times,
Jenneßen’s innovative formal worlds rendered on classic
high-quality paper are set against the technical and fact-oriented
world. Parallel to the high degree of artistic sophistication in his
work, the artist wishes to draw the attention to modern man who
is increasingly becoming dependent of exterior influences, engaged
in conflict with the consequences of globalization and with the
general acceleration of the world, and alienated from his own needs.
Exploitation, racism, violence, and grief are existential experiences,
which are to be found in his works as small, allusive, concrete relicts.
Apart from profound reflections, due to the optical illusions
they create, works such as Barcelona (2005),
Seelenwanderung (Transmigration of Souls, 2007)
or Blicke (Gazes, 2007) stimulate the viewers to simply depart
on imaginativemental journeys of their own design.

Dr. Annette Baumann


Barcelona 62 cm x 84 cm 2005

Seelenwanderung 83 cm x 154 cm 2007

Blicke 100 cm x 100 cm 2007